Let me travel, scavenge, dream, build.


       “Children” wrote Walter Benjamin, “are less intrigued by the performed world that adults have created than by its waste products. They are drawn to apparently valueless, intentionless things: In using these things they do not so much imitate the works of adults as bring together, in the artifacts produced in play, materials of widely different kinds in a new intuitive relationship.”


While the mind is floating, visions will appear.


       Making many elements of different natures come together reveals imagination and forces new ideas. By only using materials that are found instead of those we know and buy, we step out of the realm of commerce and into a more surreal and subconscious way of thinking. Like in a dream, where completely different ideas or images that would never be put together in our reality, are now working perfectly together in a very intriguing way.


Getting easier… or the clouds in my head are riding bicycles.


       Momentum can be stagnant and oppressive.  To reveal the strangely dark and brightly beautiful, reason’s bark must be left alone to exhaust itself, while the subconscious begins to crawl back on shore.  In doing so, this arbitrary reality can be adapted, helping us to find what can be so good. 


Follow the path and the food and shelter will come.