Matthew Mazzotta



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  Job Experience

2004 Morning Wood Carpentry
Vermont and New York Area
Job: Head Carpenter and Artist
Job requirements: Design and Build additions and renovations for Homes from Rough to Finish, as well as Commissioned Art
  2002-2003 Shelburn Craft School
Shelburn, VT
Job: Art teacher 5-11yrs. Old
Job requirements: Develop and teach weekly classes and Art camp on a variety of different materials and mediums
  2002 Suburban Renewal
Burlington, VT
Job: Carpenter
Job requirements: Finish work and carpentry
  2002 The Red Balloon Co.
Chicago, IL
Job: Painter
Job requirements: Paint high-end childrens furniture
  2001-2002 Bright Murals
Chicago, IL
Job: Founder of Business and Artist
Job requirements: To design and create custom murals, business and web logos, and custom paintings and sculptures; as well as running the business end of the project
  2001-2002 The first Congregational Church of LaGrange
Chicago, IL
Job: Teach art to classes for 6-12 yr. olds, high school classes, College and Adult private lessons
Job requirements: Create class and design projects and workshops, and instruct advanced students
  2001-2002 JFH Educational Academy
Chicago, IL
Job: Art Teacher K-6
Job requirements: Develop lesson plans and teach creativity and Art to children K-6
  2001 Bicycle Ambassador
Chicago, IL
Job: Teach the Chicago community about Bicycle safety and integration into streets
Job requirements: Talk to large groups of people of all ages and inform them upon how Chicago is developing into a more bike friendly city and on how to ride bikes safely
  2000 Association House
Chicago, IL
Job: Elementary school Art teacher
Job requirements: Design and teach classes to get the children involved and interested in Art
  2000 Emerson House
Chicago, IL
Job: High school Art teacher
Job requirements: Workshoping with the kids about Art and community in order to make to large wall size murals
  1999 Bicas (Nonprofit)
Tucson, AZ
Job: Bicycle school teaching bike building and maintenance
Job requirements: Teaching bike maintenance and repair, rebuilding bikes
  1998 Floyd's Plumbing
Atlanta, GA
Job: Plumbing
Job Requirements: Plumber’s Assistant
  1997 Artistically Grounded
Atlanta, GA
Job: Custom metal fabrication
Job requirement: Welding, metal fabrication, and installation
  1997 Tim Barret Designs
Atlanta, GA
Job: set design and production of high end commercial movies(Scream 2) and music videos.
Job requirement: Fabrication skills, including metal, wood, paint, and concrete
  1996 Empty the Shelters (Nonprofit)
Atlanta, GA
Job: Is concerned about the treatment of the homeless community in the city of Atlanta. During my efforts we worked on a project called "Know Your Rights", which tried to help inform the homeless of what kind of rights they had and did not have and inform them on how they could express any mistreatment.
Job requirement: Volunteer to pass out informational packets and talking to people to inform them about their rights.
  1996 Food Not Bombs (Nonprofit)
Atlanta, GA
Job: Obtains unsold food from grocery stores and prepares it to be served to homeless
Job requirements: Volunteer pick up, cooking, and delivery of food
  1994-5 Concert organizer
Canton, NY
Job: Produce two music concerts of 500 people each
Job requirements: Get bands, location, food donated, set up station to sell food, work with high school soccer and music club to get support, hire security and clean up, get tickets and make publicity